Come To Cursillo

Come to Cursillo

What Happens on a Cursillo Weekend?

The heart of the three-day weekend is a set of talks called "rollos." Listening to others share stories centered on Christ helps everyone to grow in their own understanding of the holy. The atmosphere is one of joy and Christian fellowship, of learning and listening, of reflection and preparation.  Participants return empowered to better serve their church, their community, and the world. Our weekends, which begin on Thursday evening and finish Sunday afternoon, are held twice a year in the mountains east of San Diego.

reflections from the weekend

"Being a part of this community helped me see what being a true servant for the Lord has done in my life." -- Sunny L.

"Cursillo has revitalized my faith and given Divine direction to my walk with Christ. I love Jesus and being useful to him and his children. Cursillo has shown me a path to be a whole and complete Christian. It has given me clear cut daily direction so I can be a disciple of Christ." -- Michael J.

"I've never felt so loved." -- Kit C.

"On my weekend, God and Jesus took the long journey from my head to my heart, and changed my life forever." -- Larry S.

have you been thinking about...

Discovering or developing your potential as a Christian in the contemporary world?

Connecting more fully with the Christian faith community?

Being more involved as an active member of your church? 

The Cursillo Weekend is one filled with talks, meditations, Holy Eucharist, fellowship, music & great food. By Sunday, you will have new insights on your faith, a direction for ministry, and tools for living as a follower of Jesus wherever you find yourself. 

Any Questions?

who is the weekend for?

San Diego Episcopal Cursillo Weekends are for Episcopalians and Lutherans (ELCA) within the San Diego diocesan area. The person who invites you to attend Cursillo is your sponsor. Your sponsor will guide you through the process, get you to the venue and back, pray for you, follow up with you afterwards, and answer your questions concerning the weekend.

If you have not already been invited to attend a Cursillo 3-Day Weekend, and think you would like to, please speak to your priest or the Cursillo representative in your parish. For help, or for more information, use the button below. We can help!

I'm interested


applications and brochures

Applications and further information about attending a Weekend can be downloaded here.


Once you have filled out your application, please give it to your sponsor. There are a limited number of reservations available each weekend, so get your application in promptly.


There is no charge to attend the Weekend--your tuition has been covered!

just a couple more things...

Shortly after the weekend, new Cursillistas and their sponsors, various team members, and leaders of Cursillo gather at a local church for a Day of Deeper Understanding.  The reunion is an opportunity to re-connect, share and learn more about the Cursillo Community they are now a part of. Lunch is provided.

A Grand Ultreya is held twice a year, usually in May and November. The entire Community is invited to share a meal, sing, hear short personal talks, and more.The leader of the next Cursillo Weekend is announced at this event, and in November, new members are elected to the Secretariat.

Plan to attend both!