What's Next?

What's Next?

How Inspiration Becomes Action 

Attending a Three-day Weekend is often described as a "mountain-top" experience. Once home, it doesn't take long to realize that the world you've returned to is pretty much the same as you left it. The Cursillo Weekend is designed to challenge, teach and inspire, and most importantly, to give the means to maintain your vital connection to God in the business of daily life.

Don't allow your weekend inspiration to dissipate into a fond memory. The "Fourth Day" is the rest of your life. It’s up to you to take the next step, and the rest of us are to help. 

reunion groups

...are the reason we have weekends.
Be encouraged while encouraging others and form great and lasting friendships. Experience God's presence in your life.

Groups meet in homes, restaurants, coffee shops, parks, even online and by phone, to share our growth in faith, our triumphs and disappointments of the week, and our "action" plans in a safe and confidential setting. 

Typically, these small groups (2-6 people) meet weekly. We follow a format which doesn't require a leader. Get all the help you need to find an existing group in your area or to start a new one.


a day of deeper understanding

Shortly after the weekend, new Cursillistas and their sponsors, various team members, and leaders of Cursillo gather at a local church for a Day of Deeper Understanding. This reunion is an opportunity for new Cursillistas to re-connect, share and learn more about the Cursillo Community to which they now belong.

and ultreya!

The San Diego Cursillo Community comes together twice a year for a Grand Ultreya. In between there are monthly Ultreyas held at churches around the diocese. At Ultreyas, we share a meal, sing, and hear how others are serving Christ. In this setting, we receive reinforcement, redirection, and ideas for our personal "love in action" plan.

serve on a weekend

Want to refresh that "mountain-top" experience? If you have not yet served on a weekend, consider applying to join the team. A cohort of about 35 people, performing various functions, is necessary to make each weekend happen. You will experience a Cursillo Weekend from a completely different perspective by being on the "serving" side.

be a friend...be a sponsor

Someone thought enough of you as a Christian to invite you to a Cursillo Weekend. When you have someone in mind, talk to God, then talk to the rector at the parish, and then talk to the one you wish to sponsor.

go back to the mountain

Many people make the Back to the Mountain weekend in January an annual pilgrimage, finding it a wonderful opportunity for renewal and to reconnect to the larger Cursillo community.

God's Love in Action - Through You

Cursillistas find their calling to serve not only in the church but wherever they are. After their Weekend, some feel the call to full-time ministry.  Many find opportunities to serve through existing organizations and some have seen an unmet need and implemented a solution to the benefit of many. All of us seek ways to bring God's love and the light of Jesus to our family, friends, co-workers, clients, and even chance acquaintances, by word and deed.

servant community

Cursillistas who support the work of the Cursillo ministry in San Diego, those with leadership or specific responsibilities, and all who attend the quarterly working meetings, are the Servant Community.

The "Community" side of this group allows those involved in the operations of the local Cursillo Ministry to meet and work together in an unhurried, creative and productive setting, rather than within the constraints of a business meeting. The "Servant" aspect of this quarterly meeting is to work out the details of projects, to present their recommendations to the board, and to carry out actions as directed by the Secretariat.

meet quarterly

Meetings are held on the first Saturday of March, June, September, and December. Everyone is welcome to attend and participate.


Secretariat--This is the governing board of elected and appointed members, which includes both lay and clergy. Elections are held annually in the fall for a 3-year term. Anyone who has made a Cursillo (or equivalent) weekend and has chosen the Diocese of San Diego as their Cursillo Community is eligible to serve.

Parish Representative--Your parish rep is a vital liaison between Cursillo and your parish. Each parish has, ideally, a pair of Cursillistas in this role, who help get the word out about weekends, ultreyas, and the like. If you enjoy working with people, consider becoming a Parish Representative.



Do you want to help Cursillo flourish and continue to serve people in our diocese? There are many opportunities for you to serve within the Cursillo Community, for the benefit of both present and future members.

From outreach to hospitality, you will see the wide range of contexts and ways in which to serve on our "Find Your Niche" page.
Find Your Niche
Be involved as little or as much as you want. Opportunities are available in all shapes and sizes!

make a gift

Your Cursillo Weekend was paid for by Cursillistas who made previous Cursillo Weekends. Since its beginning, local Cursillistas have been "paying it forward" for future weekends.HOW TO DONATE

stories of service

See what others are doing, how they felt called, and how they implemented a plan to spread God's love to others.

share your story

Do you have a ministry or area of service that you are involved in and willing to share your story here? Are there ways others can be involved?