Group Reunion

Group Reunion

“For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them.”

where and when?

A simple group meeting lasts about an hour and a half. Groups meet in homes, restaurants, coffee shops, parks, even online, and by phone. Day of the week and time of the day is determined by the participants.

what happens at a meeting?

An agenda might include time for:
Socializing - Snacks and conversations
Opening Prayer - Inviting Jesus to the group through the presence of the Holy Spirit.
Sharing by each about the previous week’s progress or disappointments in three areas--Piety, Study, and Action.
Prayer for one another’s needs
Closing Prayer

may we explain?

Socializing could be called fellowship, trust building, community building, and just plain getting to know each other. Many groups start out with a meal or snacks, while they bring each other up-to-date with what’s going on in their lives. Members agree that what is shared among the group is not shared with others.

Piety is our relationship to God and the time we spend in his presence. We share how we do that, whether through morning, midday, or evening prayer, a daily reader such as Forward Day by Day, church attendance, communion, the Daily Office, the beauty of nature, etc. We each share a moment closest to Christ. This can be a moment of an awareness of God or God’s hand in your life, an experience of emotion or love, or seeing and feeling the majesty of God’s creation. It might be experiencing the unconditional love of another, or so many, many more spiritual experiences.

Study is primarily letting scripture inform our lives. Jesus knows all about you. Do you know all about Jesus? If you want to claim Jesus as your friend, you need to learn all you can about him through the study of Scripture and other spiritual resources. Meeting regularly with fellow Christians also seeking a closer, stronger, and mature relationship with Jesus helps us learn to make study a life practice.
“God loves us just the way we are, but he loves us too much to keep us that way.”
Through study, we hear God calling us to a deeper understanding of our faith, and where that faith is leading us.

Action is taking responsibility for changing the place we live and work for Christ. It can be as simple as:

make a friend, be a friend, bring a friend...

You’re probably wondering, how do I do that, and what friends are we talking about? A friend is anyone who has a need that I can fulfill. I can be a friend by using my time, talent, and treasure, to help meet that need. Lord, “Who, and how, can I help today?” Share your life, share your faith (see Evangelism) and when the time is right, invite your friend to join your group, to come to church, a church event, or maybe even a Cursillo Weekend. You will learn more in your grouping.

Close the meeting by lifting up all group prayer requests, confirming the next date and time for grouping, and saying the final closing prayer, often the Lord’s Prayer, together.

purpose of the small group

By forming bonds of friendship, we’re strengthened by one another in a confidential, supportive setting. This allows us to:

Grow in our relationship with Jesus, and strengthen our commitment to follow the way of Jesus.
Mature in faith, hope, and love through the study of scripture and mutual sharing.
Prepare ourselves for evangelism at home, our neighborhood, and beyond.

Evangelism? Don’t panic. If this seems hard to do, or you don’t know where to start, meeting with like-minded people in your group is the answer. Remember, you don’t have to do it alone. Simply put, evangelism is any or all of the following:
Telling the Good News
Sharing Jesus
Talking about your friend Jesus
Reaching out to others in the name of Christ
Telling your story
Living the life of Christ


Would you like to find Jesus? Do you want to spend some time with him, and a few others of the faith with common goals? Why not give a small group a try? Cursillo calls its small group ministry Group Reunion or Grouping.

what's next?

Would you like to attend a group meeting just to check it out?
“Grouping Central” can connect you with an existing group or send you an invitation to our new monthly zoom grouping. Please provide your contact information, your parish, and your preferred grouping location so we can find a group near you.


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