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Meeting Format


The first Sunday of every month.

what time

The Zoom Session will open at 3:45 PM for some informal fellowship while attendees get connected via Zoom.  We will start the Meeting Session at 4:00 PM with the Zoom Host welcome comment and brief Cursillo News.  Then we will go into small groups of 4 – 5 people (Breakout Rooms) to share their Piety, Study and Apostolic Action since the last time we grouped.  The time limit will be about 40 minutes for all to share then return to the main meeting.  Final comments from the Zoom host and should end meeting between 4:45 and 5:00 PM.  


The San Diego Episcopal Cursillo Zoom Grouping is for members of the ministry and requested friends.


Grouping Central will provide the Host.


The Host will start the meeting and give Instructions, followed by the creation of small grouping rooms.


Any member can start the Grouping with the Prayer to the Holy Spirit and follow the Grouping Card format. The Host will visit the rooms periodically.  It’s okay to pass when it’s your turn to share.  The Zoom invitation with access code, and electronic Grouping Card will be sent to each attendee before the session starts.  The host will keep track of the Grouping time.


Announcements, Requested Prayers, Next meeting date reminder.